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Simple, instantaneous and transparent!

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Profitez de plus de 650 enseignes avec les chèques cadeaux dématérialisés Wedoogift

Finally a solution designed with companies in mind

  • Commande de chèques cadeaux en ligne


    Order gift vouchers in just a few clicks and receive them instantaneously. It’s fast and easy!

  • Distribution simple et rapide des titres cadeaux


    No more delivery or storage costs thanks to paperless distribution directly via the Wedoogift website.

  • Suivi et transparence de la consommation


    Track your beneficiaries’ spending and recover your unspent gift vouchers.

Service de cartes cadeaux aux entreprises et aux CSE

The advantages for companies



The paperless format eliminates the problems of loss, theft, and fraud that come with traditional paper gift vouchers.



Wedoogift recredits lost and expired gift vouchers to companies, meaning greater transparency and the end of unused gift vouchers that go to waste.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs

Save on the distribution, storage and delivery costs associated with classic gift vouchers. And save on your next order thanks to the recrediting of unused amounts.



You can choose the amount you want to distribute when you want, independently.

They trust us

Over 5,000 companies work with us, worldwide.

  • Air France
  • Axa
  • BearingPoint
  • BureauVeritas
  • Fnac Darty
  • KPMG
  • EDF
  • BNP Paribas
  • Credit Agricole
  • Engie
  • SeLoger
  • TF1
  • SFR
  • Orange
  • Pages Jaunes
  • Sanofi
  • Technip
  • Total
  • HP
  • Wurth
  • Loreal
  • Free
  • Sephora
  • LCL

Where to use your multi-store gift card ?

High-tech, Fashion & Beauty, Sport, Culture : and so much more options that will surely please everybody.

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How to use your gift voucher ?

Convert your balance

Convert your balance

into gift vouchers on or via the mobile app.

View your gift voucher

View your gift voucher

in the "my purchases" section of your account.

Spend your gift voucher

Spend your gift voucher

in stores or online with our partner brands.


A wide range of options



With a e-code : use your balance instantly and down to the last cent on over 150 websites. Order online on the e-commerce websites of your choice.

On your smartphone

On your smartphone

With a flash code : show, scan, and pay!

With a chip card

With a chip card

With the multi-store chip card: more classic, our chip card can be used in all of our partner stores.


Why switch to Wedoogift gift vouchers?

Wedoogift is a simple multi-store gift voucher solution for companies. The difference with the Wedoogift gift voucher is that it is completely paper free!  That means no more lost vouchers and a variety of ways to spend your balance with our network of partners, either in stores or online.

Our vision : be truly transparent

Wedoogift returns all lost or expired gift vouchers to companies. Our paperless solution reduces the hassles and simplifies the management : no more physical distribution, forget the delivery or storage costs and eliminate the risk of fraud!

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Solution de chèques cadeaux dématérialisés utilisables partout

Real-time distribution tracking

At Wedoogift, the keyword is transparency. We give you access to voucher tracking in real time. Over 5,000 companies use Wedoogift to distribute vouchers to their employees with complete peace of mind.

Recrediting of unused vouchers

Has your voucher expired? At Wedoogift, we believe in waste not, want not! We recredit the total amount of all the gift vouchers you distributed that remain unused by your employees. Which means you can use them again for your next event.

Wedoogift la seule solution qui recrédite ses clients
Faites des économies avec les chèques cadeaux Wedoogift

In 2018, we recredited


to our customers


Always available customer service

A team of advisors is on hand to help beneficiaries with their purchases. And what’s more : the service is completely free.

Une équipe d'experts à votre écoute wedoogift

Our customers love Wedoogift


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